Tuesday, January 22, 2008

clean socks & dirty undies

i pretty much have a one-track mind.
okay. that's a lie.
i spend a lot of time playing CoH too! :D

hey! don't forget the Phoenix Comicon is this weekend!
i hope to see some of you there!~
i'll be at the Bad Karma Productions booth!


Maggie Haughey said...

I saw you at the booth on Saturday. Absolutely love your style of artwork! I bought a Light/L sticker, but I want more. I'll definitely check out the rest of the site!

Val said...

Heya Maggie!
Yay!! Ahahaha, I'm glad you liked the Light/L sticker! I thought they were kinda cute, and I'm really happy other people did too!! :D
Thank you for the nice comments, and for posting!
Yayayayay~ <3