Friday, August 31, 2007


Code Name: Sumire, Agent Violet
Real Name: Sumire Murasaki
She was born and raised in Japan where she was trained in martial arts. She moved to America as a young woman, where she spent most of time as a freelance henchman or assassin. She cares primarily about money, sparing little to no thought to the morality of her job.

FUN FACT! Sumire trained alongside J.J. in Japan as kids!


Code Name: Marigold, Agent Yellow
Real Name: Alyssa Catclaw
She was once the "6 of Spades." She is very fun-loving and the most girly of the group (she's the only one who wears a skirt!). She tends to have a bit of a sadistic streak in her! She is skilled more in explosives and tracking than fighting. Since she is probably the poorest fighter of the team, she is often grouped up with Juniper for missions.

FUN FACT! Juniper and Marigold are my first canon yuri pair! :0
if you don't know what yuri means, google image search that for me thx!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Code Name: Juniper, Agent Blue
Real Name: Veronica Pratia
She was once the "7 of Spades," but once the "Spades" disbanded, she and Marigold joined the "Rainbow Squad." She is a thrill seeker with a generally pleasant personality (although she tends to freak out and throw things at Tecoma when things aren't going smoothly). She may become particularly vindictive when it comes to defending Marigold.

I still can't decide how I want Juniper's hair in the front, so it's possible that'll change.
FUN FACT! Juniper is Shayla's favorite member of the "Rainbow Squad!" (and once again i'd like to say that "Rainbow Squad" isn't their offical name) :[


Code Name: Tecoma, Agent Orange
Real Name: Maurice Hawkweed
Half-American, Half-French. He currently has a vendetta against Kill Boy (and Kick Girl, who is guilty by association). He typically is pretty mellow, but when it comes to his personal matters, he can get pretty heated, which causes him to fight sloppy. He doesn't have much of a life (or a personality). He has NO sense of humor.

Tecoma is probably my favorite character out of the "Rainbow Squad." (I still don't have an offical name for their group. Isn't that absolutely terrible of me?) I'm hoping to do the whole set of them.
P.S. I am epic fail at secrets. :C

Friday, August 24, 2007

alcohol, it's a son of a gun.

okayokayOKAY so. Shayla, Eric, and i were planning on drinking and watching a movie at home tonight. but shayla disappeared into her room, and about 30 minutes after, Eric disappeared after he got up to go get her. but fuuuuck that, cuz i already decided to have a party goddammit!! so, i had my OWN party! ahahaha! which included 4 shots of vanilla vodka and that Clive Owen bank robbery movie on HBO, followed soon after by Serverus Snape drawings ahahahahahahahahaha. i suddenly feel compelled to date a emo-angsty-badass-cranky-goth dude now. D:


aaaaaaaaaaand number 5. is this one more badass?! of course maybe i'm biased at the moment oh shit
i probably shouldnt be allowed to internet right now :DDDDD

Page 3

i told you it was girly. ahaha. i want to say it gets less girly later... but it'll always be somewhat girly. just not always this girly. *lol*
don't think poorly of me! :X

here's a sample of how the original looks. i like staying relatively close to the old versions. its just a little bit prettier now. and not colored in with pencils haha

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Page 2

and so it begins!!! D:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

With or Without You

Some of you might not realize what this is... don't worry. I'm sure you'll figure it out in no time.
For those of you who DO realize what this is... YES. I finally decided to do it. The time has finally come. :0
I figured as long as I was doing doujinshis for fun, I might as well [re]do the one I love most. I already have drawn (quite literally) 200 pages of this comic, but it's drawn on paper/pencil/ink. And I vowed to never show anyone ever. (My sister Janna is the only one who ever saw any of it.) But if I'm recreating it on the computer, then I'll recreate it in a way I'm not too ashamed to show I guess haha.
I must warn you now, this comic is even MORE girly than the HP comic. SO. INSANELY. GIRLY. hahaha. So watch out.
I don't plan on abandoning the HP doujinshi! Nonono! It's all in good fun. I figure I'll keep the two around, and just work on the one I most feel like at the moment. Ahh... should I really be rewarding my fickle whims? :C

Monday, August 20, 2007


i haven't had a chance to draw anything all weekend since i've been out and about for days, and when i have been home, i've been doing work. blech! forgive my excuses. instead, you should watch clips from my all-time most favorite game. god. i love it so much. so fucking badass. UUNNNNNF! *gurgle*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

As if you weren't bored enough.

here's a video of how i layout, pencil, and ink my comics!
i didn't finish a whole page, because i thought the video would turn out to just be a blur! but i think you can get the general idea of my drawing habits from this. i'd be so curious to see how other people's process is different from mine. or if i do anything people think is weird!
i laugh a lot at the parts where i try and draw her mouth. i must redraw it 40 times, only in the end, to wind up with a straight line *lol*
i'm gonna make MORE! maybe i'll do one where you can see how sloppy i color! yeah!!

oh yeah. and Happy Birthday Shayla!
(although... i don't think she reads this blog... oh well! happy b-day! *lol*)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Page 7

Here's my seventh (and still predictable) HP doujin page!
I hope all of you who are sneaky enough to find it, are cool with it so far! (even though I know there's not really a lot to it!)
I just finished Deathly Hallows today, so that means, sometime in the near future (maybe even tomorrow, who knows!), I will start posting it on my art journal. Now that I've read it all, I don't have to worry about some Jerk Alert posting spoilers and ruining it for me. Even though (as I'm sure most of you know), that this doujin has absolutely nothing to do with fitting in the Harry Potter timeline!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


KickGirlV: it's as bad as bad fanfiction tho :<
KickGirlV: and it'll never have much of a plot
pastelninja: eh, i'll introduce you to three letters
pastelninja: PWP
KickGirlV: PWP? :0
pastelninja: plot, what plot?
KickGirlV: HAHA
KickGirlV: yeah, pretty much. xD

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ouran-inspired ahaha

i was gone all weekend... that's why i only have one page for you. sorryyyy. it's an extremely boring page, too. *epic fail*

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Page 4

just one boring lil' page for today~ oh ho ho ho ho h- *coughsputterchoke.* :0

i hate doujinshis.

i lied. i love them.
here's my current whim. i don't know how long it will go for... i don't intend it to be an epic or anything. but you know me and my comics. any page could very well be the last... but for now, i DO plan on doing more (tomorrow actually). when i get more pages finished, i'm sure they will find their way to my art journal on LJ and my DeviantArt. i'm also waiting til i finish book 7, because i know some a-hole is going to ruin it for me if i post this publicly. (i finished book 6 tonight HOLY SHIT.)
so for now, just keep posted for more pages to be uploaded here as i make them. just because you're special and you found my blogger. so you get to see them first. :0
it doesn't have a name yet... (every doujin needs a NAME!) the first thing that popped into my head was "Bad Blood." of course, after thinking that, i got sick to my stomach with how cheesy and gay that title is... but then i remembered i'm making a DOUJIN for crying out loud, where the it's basically the LAW to have some cheesy and gay engrish title. we'll see. i'm still thinking about it. :0

and i think you can clearly see where this is headed.... well, i'm making it up as i go along. so maybe not. (:/

if anything, it's good practice. goodness knows i need it. and i actually have time for it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gayest Post Ever.

don't forget. you're sworn to secrecy!! >:C
or else you'll be banned from my art-dump... FOREVER!!!
*empty threats* :(
oh well. i tried. here's some gay shits for you to look at. and make fun of me for later, i'm sure. (besides my partner-in-crime, my sister. ...hopefully.)

this is how i generally like to envision him. xD


just some craps i doodled when i started listening to book 6.

i absolutely love this sort of crap. :(

to be honest, i really just like drawing his nose.

gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. u__u;;; ...this is the equivalent of bad fan-fiction. how shameful. really. let us never speak of this.

well... just be thankful that it's over for now. :0 i'm sorry you had to see that. i tried to warn you tho. so it's your fault. not mine. u__u;*sulks under desk in a knees-to-chest crouching position.*

Friday, August 3, 2007


for some reason, making pixel sprites is the cool thing to do on the internet. just since the last couple days. it IS a lot of fun... but... it takes so eff'n long to do! :C