Friday, February 13, 2009

Klogg is Dead

when i was a kid, i loved the crap out of The Neverhood. i have so many Neverhood comics and drawings back at home, it would make you sick haha.
Klogg has always been my favorite. i still refuse to believe he's dead. even if there is a whole song about it. :'c
oh gee. i love it. i have all that crap MEMORIZED. even the Mouse-Cheese puzzle. i remember back in middle school, Liz Hall and i sat down and drew the whole thing out so we could solve it quickly.
man, how many times have i watched this??! like a million haha.
(oh man. and this part too! one of my favorite cut-scenes fo sho)
yeah. Klogg is great. i wish he was in the game more. he's hardly in Skullmonkeys at all.
and. of course. i must point out: villain in a skirt = awesome.

Friday, February 6, 2009

oh the Dark Side of the Force, of course.

i think it's about time i revealed my true identity to you...

i'm actually Darth Plagueis the Wise. SURPRISE!
you know all that stuff they blabbed on about in Episode III?
well, it was ME all along! hohoho.
(nono. don't bother wasting your time looking it up on Wookiepedia. they don't know crap.)
i taught Palpatine everything he knows. i mean... they don't get much more sinister than me. and i'm pretty smart. and all that. and whatever.
apparently, i have the ability to keep those i love from dying. and i only love people who buy the comic book Jesus Christ: In The Name of the Gun. so you better get on that. and if you're really good, i might make you some Anakin-babies. maybe. i'll think about it. no promises.

oh yes. also. for those who haven't seen me in awhile: pigtails are now my new offical look. i think they suit me. :D