Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Crisis After Another

Ahhhhhhh i can't sleep. so i'm uploading crap. sorry. :C
here. have some more Harkins stuff. i don't know what made me think that coloring pencil sketches in OC was a good idea.

he gets his new eye from taking down Rex Ripper, Legendary Mailman Murderizer Extraordinaire. and he also dyes his hair. i guess.
ahaha. that's so current Narutoish. i don't even care. god.
speaking of Naruto, have you watched any of the new episodes? they make me wanna vomit. so awful. 5 minutes of recap, 10 minutes of nothing happening, 5 minutes of flashbacks, 10 more minutes of nothing. i remember the good old days, where i would run back from class every thursday, all excited to see the newest show. you think with all the money they've made, they could make it so the show doesn't suck. the new manga is pretty okay... its nowhere as awesome as it used to be tho. i'm glad they've finally gotten to the itachi stuff... but its not as epic as i hoped. think about it. we've been waiting for this showdown for YEARS. it just doesn't have me crapping my pants with excitement. just disappointment. buu. sorry. end of rant.

a work in progress. i'll be working on this tomorrow. hohoho~

and also, for some reason, crappy MSN paint doodles. here's anime-Val.

i don't know japanese. so i have no idea what i just wrote. :X

and and and and and and-!! yeah. :0

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