Tuesday, March 4, 2008


you have no idea how badly i am resisting posting inzanely girly things right now. it's pretty hard!! :C
anyways, i'm compromising by posting some non-girly things. here's two characters of mine i don't draw nearly enough.

we were also talking Davey Proton stuff. so i was making up/drawing character stuff. i don't know if Eric would wanna use the new stuff or not... but if he doesn't, then i'm sure as heck gonna keep them. cuz i like them! buuu!! :B

i have more of that... but i don't wanna spam up everything with huge pictures. so here's some links! sorry my handwriting/spelling is frigg'n AWFUL! forgive meee~!
Harkin 1, Harkin 2, Harkin 3, Climber

aaaaand. here's a gay "it's-star-wars-but-you-wouldn't-know-it-unless-i-told-you" doodle. this is the kinda stuff i draw ALL the time (like, every second), but no one wants to see it, so i upload it elsewhere haha.

and that's all i guess! i'm still trying really hard to contain my girliness.
okay. crap. sorry. i can't do it.!
*gurgles incoherently and rolls around on the ground* <33


David Jackson said...

Thanks, val, I dig your stuff as well, especially when it makes references to Rufus Wainwright. smash bros brawl comes out sunday, I am going to have a little release day tournament, i expect to see you there.

rory said...

Your Rusty McQueen sketch reminds me of someone.....