Friday, February 13, 2009

Klogg is Dead

when i was a kid, i loved the crap out of The Neverhood. i have so many Neverhood comics and drawings back at home, it would make you sick haha.
Klogg has always been my favorite. i still refuse to believe he's dead. even if there is a whole song about it. :'c
oh gee. i love it. i have all that crap MEMORIZED. even the Mouse-Cheese puzzle. i remember back in middle school, Liz Hall and i sat down and drew the whole thing out so we could solve it quickly.
man, how many times have i watched this??! like a million haha.
(oh man. and this part too! one of my favorite cut-scenes fo sho)
yeah. Klogg is great. i wish he was in the game more. he's hardly in Skullmonkeys at all.
and. of course. i must point out: villain in a skirt = awesome.

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