Tuesday, October 30, 2007

and then there was one.

okay. this didn't really happen.
...but it could have!! and if it did, the reaction would be the same.

i'm headed back to Arizona tomorrow. and i've got a lot work to catch up on. :c


Eric Peterson said...

fucking BRILLIANT.

He didn't come as Sephiroth though. You know what happened?

Brett dressed up as Jason.
Joe showed up in his billion dollar authoritatively created Indiana Jones costume.
Jason showed up as a shoddier version of Indiana Jones.

So while you didn't miss Sephiroth, you missed seeing Jason show up on our doorstep, pausing to look at Brett, then pausing to look at Joe, and then slowly shaking his head.

Everyone laughed a LOT.

Next weekend, lots of Jaeger in your honor. Call me A LOT tomorrow, otherwise I'll forget to pick you up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was one of two "Indiana Clones." The Sephiroth would have been a better bet.

Poor Jason, he couldn't be himself and he couldn't be Indy.

Have a good flight. Don't eat the airline food -- IT'S PEOPLE!!