Monday, October 1, 2007

Zombie Comic

okay, so, a while ago, i entered this zombie contest my artist-friend Jules was holding. The first ten people to answer a zombie-movie trivia question right got to enter it. She wanted Character sheets, and a Comic Scenario, to see how we all looked/acted/etc. And after its all done, she's going to make a comic about the ten entries, and in the end, only one of us survive. Some'll die, or get betrayed, or get turned to zombies!
The deadline for the scenario comics were today, so of course, i waited til today to start. Anyways... here's the scenario she gave me:
WEAPON: pine 2'x4'
SCENARIO: You've lucked out so-far in terms of zombies noticing you, which allowed you a fairly painless trip to a convenience store in search of supplies. The place is unlocked and empty, so y'get to stock piling. However, your luck takes a turn ~ about a dozen zombies come thundering into the store, with more on the way. You need to get to the roof to get these deadheads off your back!
What do you do?

And here's my comic I made!

and now, my part is done!
sometime, she'll be drawing a comic of everyone... i hope i am the awesome one who gets to live!!!!! eee! suspense! ;___;

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