Tuesday, October 2, 2007

For Kakara

Happy Birthday Disease Girl!
here's something i doodled just for you. no one else in the world (besides Janna) understands anything ahahahaha~
it was funny to me back then, and it's still funny to me now! i hope you think so too! :D

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Val said...

Kakara: power level 5 pussy!
Kakara: die on the first episode whydontcha?
KickGirlV: DBZ has 500 episodes.
KickGirlV: he lasted 4.
KickGirlV: good job, Raditz.
Kakara: that's less than Krillin
KickGirlV: even gay-ass Zarbon lasted longer than you. and he's a queer!
Kakara: yah, you fag!