Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Page 7

Here's my seventh (and still predictable) HP doujin page!
I hope all of you who are sneaky enough to find it, are cool with it so far! (even though I know there's not really a lot to it!)
I just finished Deathly Hallows today, so that means, sometime in the near future (maybe even tomorrow, who knows!), I will start posting it on my art journal. Now that I've read it all, I don't have to worry about some Jerk Alert posting spoilers and ruining it for me. Even though (as I'm sure most of you know), that this doujin has absolutely nothing to do with fitting in the Harry Potter timeline!

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V said...

HOLY CRAP I found it at last! I've been in love with this since I saw it on the DA. :D Ha! I found the missing pages! I don't mind if it's predictable. Seeing them in action is satisfaction enough for me. Thanks!