Thursday, August 9, 2007

i hate doujinshis.

i lied. i love them.
here's my current whim. i don't know how long it will go for... i don't intend it to be an epic or anything. but you know me and my comics. any page could very well be the last... but for now, i DO plan on doing more (tomorrow actually). when i get more pages finished, i'm sure they will find their way to my art journal on LJ and my DeviantArt. i'm also waiting til i finish book 7, because i know some a-hole is going to ruin it for me if i post this publicly. (i finished book 6 tonight HOLY SHIT.)
so for now, just keep posted for more pages to be uploaded here as i make them. just because you're special and you found my blogger. so you get to see them first. :0
it doesn't have a name yet... (every doujin needs a NAME!) the first thing that popped into my head was "Bad Blood." of course, after thinking that, i got sick to my stomach with how cheesy and gay that title is... but then i remembered i'm making a DOUJIN for crying out loud, where the it's basically the LAW to have some cheesy and gay engrish title. we'll see. i'm still thinking about it. :0

and i think you can clearly see where this is headed.... well, i'm making it up as i go along. so maybe not. (:/

if anything, it's good practice. goodness knows i need it. and i actually have time for it.


Anndor said...

Ahahaha. Should I be ashamed at the extreme fangirl squee that built up when it sank in that "omg val is making a HP comic, fucking awesome"?


Needless to say I'm excited to read more! XD XD

Charlie Bink said...

Gimme some potter-porn. Granger needs to ride the snake. (Yeah, that was a Slythrin joke)

Charlie Bink said...

oh by the way, i finished reading Deathnote. FUCK. We need to have a little TALK about that.