Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gayest Post Ever.

don't forget. you're sworn to secrecy!! >:C
or else you'll be banned from my art-dump... FOREVER!!!
*empty threats* :(
oh well. i tried. here's some gay shits for you to look at. and make fun of me for later, i'm sure. (besides my partner-in-crime, my sister. ...hopefully.)

this is how i generally like to envision him. xD


just some craps i doodled when i started listening to book 6.

i absolutely love this sort of crap. :(

to be honest, i really just like drawing his nose.

gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. u__u;;; ...this is the equivalent of bad fan-fiction. how shameful. really. let us never speak of this.

well... just be thankful that it's over for now. :0 i'm sorry you had to see that. i tried to warn you tho. so it's your fault. not mine. u__u;*sulks under desk in a knees-to-chest crouching position.*


Charlie Bink said...

Haaaaaaaaa. Why are you so afraid to be girly, Val?

Anndor said...

d'aww *headpats*

I like your Draco doodles! Sassy little emo-baby! <3

Laura said...

Hey Val.
Guess what? That sister you were talking about... definately NOT ME because I created this blog JUST to tell you how totally GAY I think you are for this post.

PS: Of course your chest is to your knees you... um... I'm not sure how to put this together, but it's a saggy boob joke. You get the idea.

PSPS: I like your pictures.

Val said...

AHHH! haha. I don't know! I always feel so ashamed for posting it! I'm one of the GUYS, darnit! I don't care about mushy kissie things and hearts and sparkles.... dangit. who am i kidding?! i am all about that crap. hahaha :C

YAY! he is a sassy lil emo-baby-face!! AAARGH i read the part where he was being emo in the bathroom. FRIGG'N CUTE. wahh *lurve*

Kakara Kahn:
Oh jesus christicles. YOU found this thing?!! great. just great! you're right, i wasn't talking about YOU... i was talking about "the good one."
and you made it just to let me know i was a gay?!! wahhhhhhhhhh!! kakara! you are so cruel!! don't you boob-sass ME!! ARRGH!! YOU AND YOUR SAGGY BOOBS!! i'll never forgive you for the post-it note... you a-ho. you're just jealous because you have negative-boobage.
oh. and i'm glad you like the pictures. i know you like the whiny little evil brat too.
post smart shite on the internets again. i like them. :0

Laura said...