Friday, August 24, 2007

alcohol, it's a son of a gun.

okayokayOKAY so. Shayla, Eric, and i were planning on drinking and watching a movie at home tonight. but shayla disappeared into her room, and about 30 minutes after, Eric disappeared after he got up to go get her. but fuuuuck that, cuz i already decided to have a party goddammit!! so, i had my OWN party! ahahaha! which included 4 shots of vanilla vodka and that Clive Owen bank robbery movie on HBO, followed soon after by Serverus Snape drawings ahahahahahahahahaha. i suddenly feel compelled to date a emo-angsty-badass-cranky-goth dude now. D:


aaaaaaaaaaand number 5. is this one more badass?! of course maybe i'm biased at the moment oh shit
i probably shouldnt be allowed to internet right now :DDDDD