Thursday, August 16, 2007

As if you weren't bored enough.

here's a video of how i layout, pencil, and ink my comics!
i didn't finish a whole page, because i thought the video would turn out to just be a blur! but i think you can get the general idea of my drawing habits from this. i'd be so curious to see how other people's process is different from mine. or if i do anything people think is weird!
i laugh a lot at the parts where i try and draw her mouth. i must redraw it 40 times, only in the end, to wind up with a straight line *lol*
i'm gonna make MORE! maybe i'll do one where you can see how sloppy i color! yeah!!

oh yeah. and Happy Birthday Shayla!
(although... i don't think she reads this blog... oh well! happy b-day! *lol*)


Charlie Bink said...

Eric probably already showed you this, but if not, I'm sure you will LOVE it. I thought of you immediately.

Laura said...

Freak. Don't talk to me.